Bit & Watt

BIT&WATT © by Giuseppe Silvi

In all eras and all parts of the world, the most advanced and most primitive populations have always sought the tools and technologies to obtain the best quality of life. This has always depended, whatever the era, on the capacity to communicate, in order to produce machines and tools to serve mankind, to use the resources available and the surrounding habitat to the best. The relationship between information (the "BIT") and the power of technology (the "WATT") could, at this point in history, have a decisive impact on the quality of life. BIT & WATT is a message that uses "coloured vocal metaphors" to recount in a "technological-musical" language, the historical phases of human progress: "act locally" & think locally", "act globally & think locally", "act locally & think globally", with time echoed in the abbreviations: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours). Thus, for example, the "red" "BIT h" metaphor represents the lifeblood that flows along the planet's information highways of the third millennium, the next frontier of human communication. "WATT s" in green indicates the frontier of new capacity to design and create technological equipment (power installed: WATT) that works on clean energy and occupies less physical space, thus returning nature and green areas to man. The technological-musical message is aimed at the "BIT h & WATT s" generation of GLOCAL (global/local) inter-actors and actresses: with its rhythms, colours and lights, it will be able to instil determination, energy and enthusiasm to build a world in which dialogue and collaboration triumph so that the BIT are used to manage the WATT better. BIT not to have more WATT, but BIT and WATT. Inter-actors and actresses that act locally and think globally to the "rhythm" of the "BIT & WATT" dance, re-inventing the "rhythms" to build the world of "useful profits" instead of one of "futile returns".

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